Recycling your batteries

It is important to recycle all  the batteries you use within your home, (not just AAs and AAAs!) everything from SLA batteries used in golf buggies to the battery in your mobile phone can be recycled!

In-order to recycle batteries within the UK you can contact your local council (many collect batteries along with their regular collection service), take them to a dedicated collection centre, return them to the shop from where you bought them, or use this link to find your nearest recycling point:

Whilst the majority of household batteries can be recycled by local councils, larger SLA batteries cannot be disposed of with general waste due to the toxic substances they contain, they can be recycled by taking them to waste management centres or specialist battery recyclers.

If you do not reside within the UK, please check how to recycle your batteries with your supplier.

The recycling of any additional packaging that comes with your batteries is highly recommended, this can be done via your household/local council recycling.