The Duracell SafeJump™ Compact Jump Starter – 1100A Peak Power

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Duracell’s SafeJump™ Compact Jump Starter is a Lithium-ion jump starter pack that safely delivers 1100 peak Amps to recharge the flat battery in your car, truck, boat and more. Small but powerful, it can jump start petrol engines up to 6L and diesel engines up to 3L, with up to 40 jump starts on a single charge.

Duracell’s SafeJump™ technology features Reverse Polarity protection, providing you with protection if the clamps are connected to the wrong poles, Low-Voltage Protection, Reverse Current Protection, Over-Temperature Protect and Spark-proof operation. Combined with UL2743 Safety Certification, you can be assured the Duracell SafeJump™ Compact Jump Starter is safe and easy to use.

Thanks to the compact design you can store the jump starter pack in your glovebox ready for use in emergencies. Flat battery in the rain? No need to worry with Duracell’s P65 weatherproof and dust proof jump stater pack. With handy additional features such as a bright LED work light and USB recharging ports for smartphones, Durcaell’s SafeJump™ Compact Jump Starter doubles as a portable power bank.

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Sku DRLJS1100B
Weight 704 g
Dimensions 194 × 84 × 35 mm

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