Tech on the Go: The Future of Portable Tech

In 1973 the World’s very first mobile phone was created; weighing in at 1.1kg, measuring over 35cm tall (when taking into account it’s very seventies aerial) and providing 30 minutes of talk-time per charge- it was revolutionary. Okay, so it didn’t catch on that well, and even the first commercially-available mobile phone was not one for the everyman- costing a whopping $3,995. BUT, it was the very beginning of portable tech.

Fast-forward 40-odd years and the landscape of technology on the go is vastly different.  Not only do we have powerful phones that sit in the palm of our hands and super-lightweight laptops that run for hours at a time without being plugged in, we also have tiny removable memory drives capable of holding huge amounts of data, and electronic bracelets attached to our wrists that can do everything from sending texts to performing ECG’s. With the mammoth changes that have taken place in the last few decades, what does the future of portable tech look like?



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